Perhaps tens of thousands of years ago – who knows, wise citizens of Bharata apprehended our present predicament; they called it Kali Yuga: the Age of Ignorance and Dissolution. The idea is that things get much worse before they get better: the concept of a curative crisis is an ancient idea.

Yearly on each return to beloved Annamalai – the sacred mountain also known as Arunachala in South India, I am again grateful to be surrounded by people who understand what KaliYuga means, particularly as it becomes increasingly distressful globally: in all our faces, generating considerable fear. Very few outside India recognise this Age of Iron as also containing our most golden unprecedented opportunity.

This blog is an exercise: Between July and December (when I return to Australia); photographs taken from day to day will be used to ground considerations on both sides of the brilliantly paradoxical human experience from this microcosmic perspective. The material in this blog will be transformed into an e-book soon.   I will update here when this happens

Each year on return to the mountain a level of disgusting change presents itself that is not interesting enough to photograph; this is where urban development encroaches on once beautiful natural spaces – where groups of big rocks once kept company with entwined Neem trees or ancient walls of rustic shrines lie scattered, bashed down now into rubbished eye-sores despite evidence of tenacious worship.

The awful mess that results from total absence of civic sense is attributable to collateral damage from the weight of the overwhelming priority placed on the family system; family values are paramount. What is truly remarkable is the way in which human beings continue to flourish amid the rubbishy rubble, all smiles. Bright eyes reveal a sound psychological security.

Notice please that I am not claiming our locals tend to be psychologically sound, oh no; whether sound or otherwise, what is important is that they are psychologically secure in this divine place.

This security supports the flamboyant cultural vitality present in daily household practices and riotous public processions and parades such as the delightful group this morning carrying a small image of Lord Siva all around the mountain that is taken to be the god’s very embodiment:

This blog is about both sides of the vast paradox of life in the Age of purification and healing.

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