Less than ten minutes walk from my place lies this beautiful farm; it always inspires to see the ongoing transformation achieved by hard work.
This will be a mainly visual post. Hope it gives you courage!

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Social Insecurity

Naturally enough the social insecurity of those on the floor is tremendous; it emanates from the brute reality of over-population, ruthless bureaucratic decisions and the crippling disempowerment of the victims.

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Red signifies the Goddess. These photos were taken yesterday before and after the politician son of a nearby swamy came to visit here.

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Money Matters

Money certainly matters as much here as anywhere in the human domain, yet naturally The (local) Tamils have a different relationship with monetary value, one that I cannot fathom; so allow me to skim blithely across the surface as usual: While not having a clue as to how any economy works, it never fails to […]

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