Being in Orange

The sadhu syndrome is in a way this society’s safety valve. This post contains a brief view into the mendicant life of sadhus although in reality most of them in present mature KaliYuga are beggars.

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Bring on the Monsoon

The terrain lying within Arunachalam is notoriously hot and dry so the anticipated yearly moo soon is most welcome. Once the rains set in the mood changes dramatically, the power and beauty of Nature is revealed. After insufficient rain during the previous couple of years, the cool wet contrasts very nicely with the hot dry as we welcome this year’s monsoon.

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These four-footed siblings of ours

There’s a softness about the symbiosis between sadhus, their un-uniformed friends and dogs . . . . . . and monkeys. The variety and close proximity of other animals in our daily lives here contributes substantially to the general atmosphere of robust liveliness and although most domesticated animals are as under-fed as their people nevertheless […]

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