Welcome to Kali Yuga will explore the concept of the Age of Ignorance and Dissolution (including the unprecedented potential benefit of this ancient meme) originally through the microcosmos of life manifested near to Arunachala Mountain between September and December 2014, with particular focus on the routine tracks leading me on daily mundane excursions. Musings will follow what occurs to mind spontaneously and the process of contributing to each post will be ongoing during this time period. This blog is an exercise – a playful exercise, not an adademic undertaking, to be enjoyed by you and hopefully provoke discussion in Comments and Replies.

The body of this blog has been converted into an e-book that is available on Kindle called this:

THE LAST AGE of OUR BALANCING ACT by Abhithakuchalambal

Culture Change Climate . . .  Celebrating India Today

ISBN #9805296-7-8

The reason for doing this was to enable pilgrims or visitors on their way here to prepare themselves a little on the flight towards the hill and make the ideas contained here more accessible to those able to pay the  minimal e-book charge who can then by right of possession return to the material freely and even share it.

Meanwhile updates will begin appearing on this blog beginning now in September 2015 and continuing until end November while I am on site  and perhaps beyond – inspired by the photographs taken throughout this time.  Other related posts will appear on the Sonagiristories blog as well as Hinge-pin-press and perhaps others.

As with this original blog, I don’t intend to deliberately venture into unknown realms, there’s no need; in fact I’m considering deliberately restricting my movements even more in order to bring out the extraordinary picturesque-ness of our local scene . . .  I might go over to the other side of the hill to give you more variety in backdrop, but the versatile diversity of local life is complete in itself from any vantage whatsoever.

Nevertheless I would like more feedback from you just in case anyone is bored or wishes to ask questions or make suggestions.

The WordPress Theme I’ve chosen has a peculiar navigation system: at the top of the Featured Image on the left is a three-bar link that takes you to the Menu, but so far I’ve not succeeded in adding coherent items to the Menu; on the right of that page is a four-bar link to a strange configuration sporting my name above a white rectangle that so far seems impenetrable. As a temporary solution here are the titles of the posts (in ascending order) that comprise the BLOG; you can copy and paste these post titles in the search box of the three-bar MENU link:

Arunachala Lodestone

Breakthroughs on Breakdown

Turmoil in Town


Gross National Happiness : Happy National Grossness

These Four-footed Siblings of Ours

Bring on the Monsoon

Being in Orange

The Alternative Festival of Light

The Magnitude of Myth

Scapegoats in Breakdown by Filial Disloyalty

Being Worshipful

Pachamamma in our Midst


The Chances for Children

Money Matters

Medicine Matters : Medical Matters


Social Insecurity

This blog has three PAGES:




My online stuff:






As mentioned above, the material originally appearing as this blog was converted into an e-book with Kindle: called THE LAST AGE with ISBN#9805296-7-8.


The inter-mixture of prose, poetry, cartoons, watercolours and silk banners that began with the Tumblr page was converted into an ePUB by BBebooks Thailand called Open and Spacious as the Sky and is available on Amazon.

My locations in time:

My relationship with Arunachala Mountain began through books in my Australian teenage; my first physical encounter with the mountain was in 1974 and I returned to stay the following year. The first twenty years of residency was continuous and since then I return from Australia every year for as many months as I can manage.  Maybe I will be fortunate enough to die here.


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